Wedgwood Pool

Seattle holds so many secrets. Hidden gems in plain sight, or in this case, neighborhood pools. There’s a private pool in the Wedgwood neighborhood east of Dahl Playfield that I stumbled upon one day a number of years ago BK (before kid). As it turns out, it hosts the Wedgwood Swim Club and boasts a waiting list comprised of more than 1000 families. It is the very same pool that my aunt and uncle have belonged to for 35 years. My cousin grew up swimming for this swim club and they spent all their summertime here. This summer they’ve invited Lake to join them for a few swim dates. At first Lake was pretty timid and skeptical, but with each visit he gains some more of his “sea legs”. 

All suited up!
Cool dude post swim

He worked up from the shallowest waters, clinging to my knee, to chest high (for him) waters where he enjoyed playing with the balls. He even lost his balance and went under a few times. He came up coughing but more and more comfortable each time. 

Happy Mummy, Proud Mummy

We went home and added our name to the waiting list. Maybe by the time we get our membership offer Lake will be grown and I can come for my own swim and sunshine time. We will see. In the meantime, much gratitude to Janet and Neil for sharing their community pool with Lake. What a special place for him to learn swimming and with such delightful teachers all around, like their friend Caroline and sister Auntie Claire. A perfect Summer’s day, I’m glad I spent it with you at the pool!

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