A Perfect Holiday

Our week of holiday has been rather perfect though smokey. We packed up the whole family and driven over to eastern Washington to our family lake cabin perched on the side of the peninsur hillside. Lake is the fifth generation to putter on the sandy beach and climb up and down the whimsically crooked stone steps, exploring freely. 

We kicked off the week with a family reunion and then settled in to enjoy a little peace and quiet where the grandparents could continue to enjoy time with their grandson. 

Strange week with all the smoke,

comments Michael. The smoke may have kept the lake eerily quiet and relatively devoid of the usual vacationers, but it hasn’t dampened our spirits or slowed us down much in our pursuits of recreational activity. We’ve played a full hand of good clean fun. 

From yoga to outdoor cinema, we lived up every moment and everything in between: running, tennis, swimming, sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, and dates with my hubs. We repeatedly filled our days with hiking in the adjacent conservation area, and visiting with friends, family, and neighbors. In spite of the thick wildfire smoke we reveled happily out-of-doors scampering all about the lakefront. 

When the smoke ultimately cleared Friday night, we woke to a perfect day Saturday morning where our activities culminated to perfection. From sailing to tennis to canoeing we did it all and everything in between. It wasn’t planned, we just managed it beautifully. 

Michael and I had a romantic sunset canoe paddle. Lake even got two naps, plus I did the laundry, washed Lunch dishes and checked the oil. How was this possible? I don’t know. 

During the holidays Lake grew exponentially under the tulage of many caring hands. He especially gained strong footing and revealed an aptitude for climbing 

Thank you family for a perfect holiday!