Sweater Weather 

What an autumn day to be playing in the neighborhood park post farmers’ market! When the day brings by turns warm sunshine and sudden downpours, what could be better than a sweater? Lake is outfitted here in a summery cotton romper topped with a cozy wool sweater. The soft sage green cardigan with a jaunty string of aubergine flags was hand knit by Nana Joanie.  What a perfect sweater-weather weekend!


His new favorite word is uh-oh but there doesn’t seem much wrong in his world. He remains ebullient and unfazed. His other three words continue to remain:

Ich (I want, me-mine), Hi! which sounds more like the Swedish: Hej and Mamammama (reserved for when he’s hungry and/or tired). He can also answer yes/no questions clearly. 

Lake, are you enjoying life?