Party Animal 

It was a big weekend of partying for Lake. 

Lake is fortunate to be blessed with several good friends turning another year older this week. So after a wonderful time in Portland celebrating Maicy’s sixth birthday, we head back up the Seattle. From one party to the next… Lake catches a train nap to power back up!

Power Nap on the Train!

Then back in Seattle we hit the ground running. Daddy picks us up at King Station and we all go straight to Once Upon a Time party space on Queen Anne. Lake is all ready to launch into the fun of Otis’ second birthday! He has a great time playing with the other babies, eating the delicious party food, and even gets his own personal slice of allergy friendly, health-nut-mummy-friendly, vegan birthday cake. 
Whee! Paragliding for babies!
Lake’s first birthday cake: GF date-sugar vegan pumpkin bar.
Thank you friends for such a special fun-filled weekend! We loved your perfect parties! Lake is ready to accept your next social invitation!