Second Anniversary 

Weathered and glowing together
Michael and I were married two years ago today in our intimate monsoon wedding ceremony. We were gathered in the Woodland Park Rose Garden gazebo exchanging vows while the rain torrented down all around us. Tonight as Lake and I walked home from our Tuesday night Lindsin adventure the sky opened up and sent us an anniversary remembrance. It rained hard! Sometimes marriage is like that: your husband is working late and your neck hurts and you’re walking home in the dark alone with your baby and it starts to downpour. But you make it home, light a fire, and there are kitties and babies to feed and care for and hot chocolate to make. And a husband who’s coming home and who will rub your back and bring you coffee in the morning. And maybe it spills all over the bedding but it’ll wash and you’re irresistibly in love, so it’s all right. It’s home. Where the heart is. 

Two years ago today

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