Double Date

It wasn’t a double date in the typical sense. Instead it was a double date as in: we had two dates. The first one failed so the second one was a do-over. Actually it didn’t fail. We just didn’t see the play, instead we ate hummus. Allow me to explain. For Michael’s birthday, Jo gifted him tickets to the theater and babysitting so we could go together to see the show. It was on Capitol Hill at the 12th Avenue Arts venue. Parking was nearly impossible so we arrived late to the ticket counter, where we discovered… when the ticket taker announced: no late seating!

Absolutely no late seating. We are too accustomed to the casualness of a film with plenty of trailers or a music concert with an opening band and starting fashionably late at that. Even the Symphony will seat you between pieces. Here was the real deal: starts on time and no late seating. 

They did offer to switch our tickets to the next night however. Thus doubling our date night. 

We made it with plenty of time to spare on Saturday after riding the bus. We hauled in a last-minute baby-sitter, thank you Tom! Thus, on round two, we thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful dialogue and well-acted thoughtful piece that was Why We Have a Body. Thank you Jo!

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