Cat Fanciers

Cat Day!

Proclaimed Lake as we arrived back at the Portland Expo for day 2 of The Cat Fanciers’ Association International Cat Show. Imagine the feline version of Best in Show. There you have it: the CFA International Cat Show. 

About 15 arenas set up with continuous and somewhat mysterious judging sessions set up. We met cat handlers from Germany, Russia, Japan, and French Canada. Lake was all in. 

He was just as enthusiastic about the cat posters as the cats themselves. 

And there were about 400 different cats from 42 distinct breeds present. It was quite a scene. Just when we thought we’d seen enough something like a Devon Rex dressed in feathers cape and top hat will roll by, still as a statue, natural as can be. 

We got back in touch with Noly and Richard from Portland, the couple that had brought kittens to the cat show two years ago at the double tree. They had one of Nuno’s relatives with them this weekend. Bonnie was about the age (two years old) Nuno is now. 

I was thrilled to be able to reconnect with that special moment of holding the tortoise shell short hair exotic kitten when I had been pregnant with Lake. 

Great memories! Update: Nuno is alive and well in a good home. 

To contrast the unfriendly-toward-children vibe that an event like the International Cat Show carries, we made plans to meet up with our friends at OMSI afterwards. It was 110% kid oriented and Lake pushed though no-nap to make the most of our two hours there. Such a great playground for exploration and discovery!

And such great friends!

By the end of the day Lake was absolutely bushed!

Delicious dinner at the trendy vegan Mediterranean Aviv with Rachel!

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