Sit Big Cat

Lake loves the zoo and as you may well know, or could have guessed, his two favorite types of animals there (not including the family farm which he’s equally crazy for) are the primates and the felines. No surprise there! This week, when asked what he wants to see at the zoo he replies “Lola” for “Yola” and “sit big cat.”

Clarence got him this plush jaguar a few weeks ago which he has since named “Clarence Cat.”

[Photo taken July 27, 2018 Harborview Medical Center by Clarence Ladd]

And now, Lake’s gotten the idea it’s fun to sit on big cats. He’d be in to an pretty big zoo adventure there that might end us up back at Harborview! So we’re happy we were able to make a compromise on the bronze snow leopard.

so he gets to manifest his dreams to “Sit big cat!” on August 2nd pictured here. Also, “sit dragon lizard” and play with some friends!

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