Berry Farm

We went to the u-pick blueberry farm today! Carpenter Creek Farm is in Mt. Vernon located at 20177 East Stackpole Road. Their hours are 8-5 Friday through Monday. It is a super convenient to I-5 organic farm with a great u-pick price of $2.25/pound. The bushes are loaded and they may be open one more weekend. What an absolute find… thank you Katie! It’s been an annual tradition for many years now to get together with my botanist friend Katie Henken and her family for a day of blueberry picking. Last year almost to the day we were picking at On We Grow Farm, which sold all their bushes per Katie. So here we are, all a year older and wiser, gathered at Carpenter Creek Farm. The newborn is almost talking and walking, Lake is almost toilet trained, and the girls are almost ready to be reading partners in grades Kindergarten and 5th grade of elementary school. Today we brought two other friends along with us. Well, Alison and Otis actually brought it. It was fantastic! We all got berry full! Lake and I picked more than 10 pounds between us, not accounting for those additional berries that may have been eaten on site. Then when we got home Lake wanted to eat more blueberries! We all had a button-poppin’ good time.

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