Cirque du Soleil Volta

Lake was enjoying the Pacific Ocean today at Kalaloch with Nana and Baba. Such a beautiful day for enjoying the nature with Camp NanaBaba(West). We had a controversy of conscience whether he should come home early from Camp Nan to join us for the Cirque du Soleil show tonight. He would have surely loved it. Maybe too much.

He already loves “jump-ing” and he has no fear of falling. He launches himself off everything including stairs and jungle gyms. I admit to being a tad worried he’d get ideas at the Cirque show. Don’t misunderstand me, Michael and I fully support him becoming a circus acrobat performer. We think that’s a strong option for him. We’re just concerned that he might start practicing now by jumping out of our windows at home! So this year we went just the two of us and had a real date! So much fun!

Volta was a jolt of energy and a celebration of the physical triumphs of the fully expressed human being. Lake was there in spirit! A perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you!

One thought on “Cirque du Soleil Volta

  1. What a great date/birthday!

    I saw Cirque in Las Vegas.
    It was done over a huge pond of water that would come and go. Absolutely
    Marvelous. I think my mouth was wide open the entire show.

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