Camp NanaBaba(West)

Lake is coming home today from his holiday with my parents on the coast. They played with trucks, blocks, read books, went to the lake, hiked trails, sifted sand at the beach, and took in the ocean. Based on Baba’s report it’s fair to infer a good time was had by all.

Duane Murphy’s notes from the field:

“You wouldn’t believe (maybe you would) how strikingly wonderful the world at the ocean beach was yesterday.  It started off with a little baby rain which encouraged us to seek shelter in a driftwood  log beach affair.  Lake was nonplussed about the weather.  And then the day started getting better and better,  and never stopped.   Oh….it seems Lake likes to walk on logs.   But maybe you already knew that.  Anyway,  there were about 500 there,   and we worked on many,  but didn’t have time to get around to all of them.   Same with the sand.  Tons and tons of the stuff.  And again,  not quite time enough to work it all up properly.    We had a good day,  and we were blessed to spend it together with Lake!”

A perfect day at Kalaloch, I’m glad I spent it with you!

One thought on “Camp NanaBaba(West)

  1. Kalaloch is magical. One of my favorite places on earth!
    I recognized the river right away. Making wonderful memories.
    (Now we know where Tolle got her writing chops. Your dad’s quite comical).

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