Baba Birthday

Lake and Baba have been fast friends since the day they met about a week into Lake’s life sojourn.

Fast forward two and a half happy golden years…

Now Baba just had a big birthday and Lake was so excited to wish him a happy birthday. Right up until the moment he was on the telephone with Baba or there in person visiting with Baba he was joyously singing “Happy Birthday to you!” He enthusiastically sang and congratulated Baba in private with me, then he would completely clam up when in the presence of Baba. Not a single birthday wish escaped explicitly from Lake’s lips.

They had a great time together in spite of the unspoken congratulations. Lake cherishes his time with Baba and he is so blessed to have living, devoted, and involved grandparents! We all are! We recently spent a gem of a day together at Ruby Beach in celebration. We love you, Baba! So glad you’re alive… a perfect day, we’re glad we spent it with you.

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