Ice Man

Lake is at the sweetest age where he’s constantly exploring new environments and making discoveries. To wit… many “firsts.” Tonight it was his first ice water. Last weekend it was his first toy store. So special to see the joy of his revelations!

Here he is crunching first ice from ice water with the “shining eyes” of an inventor hitting pay dirt.

He also says the most adorable phrases, “come up here, pard’ner,” he said over and over whilst speaking with his stuffed animals this morning at play. “So many twing twings on icy!” he triumphed this evening while reading a book about penguins at the South Pole. “You wanna read the book together? Talk on it?” Really, Lake, I do! And what “A perfect day,” I’m glad I spent it with you, morning and night, my fun zestful ice man!

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