We made it in Ketchikan!

Lake loves airplanes, flying and going to visit people. It all came together for our Thanksgiving visit to the Ketchikan cousins. Full of thanks to the Bradley Family for hosting us for Lake’s first visit to Alaska! Getting on the airplane Lake proclaimed excitedly he was “going to see the cows!” The locals aboard laughed, “there are no cows in Ketchikan”, they countered. Lake’s confidence never flagged and he remained exuberant for the cows of Ketchikan. When we landed at the Ketchikan International Airport after a lovely flight, Lake exclaims “We made it in Ketchikan!” We land in Agra Ina Island and Sister Kendra is there to welcome us on the other side of the Tongass Narrows which requires a ferry ride to cross. We made it!… in Ketchikan!

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