Lake and Langley

Lake and Langley are quite a pair.

“There’s a Bear sleeping in our house” says Lake. Langley’s 150 pounds to Lake’s 30 pounds… they’re quite a pair. Lake likes to help walk him and likes to hold on to the leash. If you ask him, he will say yes that Langley is his dog. He’s all snuggles and smiles. They both are… unless… when Langley is wet from the rain or just from drinking water, Lake says “Stop it!” when Langley comes near.

We love to take Langley to the University District Farmer’s Market, and to walk around the neighborhood. Langley seems to make the day of everyone he meets. Langley, like Lake, is a harbinger of joy!

And for us, the joy is doubled on this Best Christmas Day Ever, when Mark and Karen Rupert offer us 75% of a Langley Time Share. They retain ownership and medical power of attorney, and we provide room, board, and walking. Langley will spend one week per month with his Family of Origin, the Ruperts, getting tuned up and basking in the comforts of home. We’re all new to this Langley Time Share, and are optimistic that it’s a great win win for everyone, especially for Langley. He gets to be the “only dog” contentedly living out his golden years in the VanLaanen Family Rest Home.

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you all!

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