My Mr. Cat

Lake loves his Mr. Cat. He loves to cuddle and play house and jump on him. He really does all this, and somehow Mr. Cat tolerates it all. Mr. Cat is a true friend to Lake, and in return, Lake is very devoted to Mr. Cat. He will cuddle up next to Mr. Cat at every opportunity. He plays “house” with Mr. Cat on the bed by burying Mr. Cat in stacks of pillows. And then he somehow manages to come flying through the air and jump on Mr. Cat (over and over again), without really landing on Mr. Cat, just coming down to completely cover him. Too Funny! Lake doesn’t get much more joyful that this.

Lake loves his Mr. Cat! Happy Boxing Day! A great day to cuddle up with your “Mr. Cat,” (or equivalent), and feel cozy, joyful and blessed. A perfect every-day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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