Nora’s Farm

Lake loves to visit Nora and Ed on “Nora’s Farm” where they have nine sheep, 12 chickens, two dogs, a barn cat, and one ten year old angora rabbit (Robert). It pleases me that Lake loves it so, as I’ve been loving coming here myself to visit Nora on her “fiber farm” for over twenty years now. We like to eat fresh farm food and have long deep conversations.

It was good to be back in the lovely spring weather, everything so bright green, Lake learning how to pee in the bushes, and us all eating kale and arugula blossoms out of the garden. Our last visit here was a memorable Groundhogs’ Day visit filled with Snow, Sea, and (naturally) Sheep. We were visiting Nora’s Farm right at the beginning of the infamous Seattle Snowpocylypse of February 2019. We were there when the first flakes began to fall. It was magical and we didn’t want to leave. But we did get out before being snowed in. It turned out they were snowed in for a week! It was cute that this Mother’s Day weekend, Lake remembered their sheep dog Buddy fondly as “Snow Dog”. He was keeping a close eye on Snow Dog so as to minimize getting snooped!

Lake and I find the sheep to be so interesting. It’s fun to get up close and say hello! They have really big coats now, so they were panting in the heat, even in the shade. Shearing time is coming soon, friends!

We were invited out to especially to visit the six new baby chicks. We thought we might be able to pet them, but at only 3 weeks old, they weren’t so very sociable yet. Really fun to watch their little chick antics though and listen to them cheeping.

The weather was heavenly and the pace was deliciously leisurely making for a lovely visit on Nora’s Farm. On Sunday we went into town to Fort Worden State Park and visited the Port Townsend Marine Science Center Aquarium. Nora wanted to introduce us to the octopus. How beautiful and smart and gracefully she moved.

We all had fun “petting” the sea anemones, sea stars and worms with their delicate fans so reactive to our touch!

And in the end we were really tuckered out and it felt good to have a cuddle and read our books!

Thank you Nora and Ed for the rejuvenating visit on your farm! We hope we didn’t wear you out overly much and wish you and all the farm residents well… until we meet again!

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