Unconditional Love

“Lake, I love you all the time. I love you even when I’m not with you. I love you even when you’re sleeping. I love you even when I’m frustrated. I love you always. You’re living in my heart.”

This statement I felt moved to make the other day. He and I have had a special three and a half years together so far, and he’s getting so big and wise and talkative these days. A glimpse back for perspective when he was 2 and a half months:

Historical photo from 8/16/16

Then after I made my recent proclamation of love he asked me, “Mama, do you love me even when I’m breaking glass?” He asked me while eyeing our large antique glass cabinet with heavy with heirloom glassware. “Yes of course I do! I quickly retorted. “So, there’s absolutely no need to go testing it out!”

“Mama, I love you even when you’re breaking my things.” Wow, this little guy. I’m not the perfect mama, but I cannot recall any instances where I broke some of Lake’s things. Anyhow, he’s seemingly got the concept of unconditional love.

Mama is now nearly 38 weeks pregnant, and debilitating sciatica has intruded on our sweet domestic bliss. Emergency reinforcements have been called in and Jamma Julie is now comfortably and aptly installed in the mother-in-law apartment.

Last night Jamma Julie made us a delicious baked chicken dinner. Lake pulled out his endearing “I love you so much Jamma Julie. I can’t even stop loving you,” trick. She quips back: “you love me because I baked you a chicken!”

“No, that’s not right,” Lake argued back. “I don’t love you because of that.”

“So you’d love me even if I couldn’t bake you a chicken?” she asks, seeking clarification.

Lake confirmed that is the case. He really grasps and owns the unconditional love concept. He invented it.

And, here he is, the charmer, posing for a selfie with Vivien. We all love you too, Lake. No strings attached. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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