Baby Weight

Baby Weight

Lake’s Ten Day Check-Up: up to 7 1/2 pounds!

For someone who pays close attention to their weight, being pregnant was a challenge. One of the first things I did when I knew I was pregnant, even before taking a pregnancy test or going to the doctor was to go to the Seattle Public Library downtown and look in the obstetrics text what the weight gain amounts would be. 17 pounds accounts for all the fetus, pregnant uterus, amniotic fluid, and normal pregnancy related changes to fluid volume, increased muscle mass etc. Recommended weight gain is 25-35 pounds, meaning anything over 17 pounds is stored as fat. I resolved to gain only 17 pounds. Well, that quickly went out the window as my daily weight checks simply showed my weight creeping up and up. In total I ultimately accumulating a gain of 35 pounds. My doctors were all happy with this, but it’s hard to say, as they are American.

On my last day at work, nearly 41 weeks pregnant, one co-workers says offhandedly to me, “You know you’re never going to be as thin as you were before you were pregnant.” My irasciblity flared as buttons were pushed. “I just don’t want you to be disappointed,” was the explanation for the helpful prediction. My alter-ego remains poised and carries on light and clever repartee. That’s true, I might be thinner; I hear it’s hard to keep weight on while breast feeding.

So, here I am post-partum, and highly motivated to get my form back. It took a week before I was brave enough to step on the scale, and resume my daily weight check. But, in my experience, it doesn’t help to hide from reality, so got back on the horse. 15 pounds over. I’m eating three healthy and balanced meals a day. Today, 12 pounds over. I’m ready for the challenge. I hear the last few pounds can be the most stubborn. The French say 3 months to get your form back, so that’s my goal. Personally, though, I’m aiming for 6 weeks, to coincide with being cleared for intimate activities.

Ins and Outs: InstaPot steel cut oats with raisins, pumpkin seeds & almond milk lovingly prepared by my husband, and Lake, my Feeder