Poke Party

Today we were fortunate to have a visitor from work! We made introductions over a coffee and biscuits. Lake liked his new friend, and after a bit we set out for Wallingford on foot to find a lunch spot and take in the sights (there are little lending libraries! there are floating homes! there’s Gasworks park and a windstorm!). But not before Mr. Cat showed off his impressive length. He’s a full twice as long as Lake. 

We were headed for my favorite TNT Taqueria, but on the way there we encountered the 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar (2323 N 45th Street). It holds the esteemed location of the historical Erotic Bakery, and has already been witnessed by me to command lines out the door and down the block since its opening earlier this year. I had told my friend of this phenomenon. So when the 45th Stop N Shop loomed into view at the top of the hill we were primed and powerless to resist. My friend is from Hawaii and a connoisseur of the finest culinary pleasures so this was a good test. 

It passed! See the colors flying?!

Having a work friend visit reminded me how removed this baby-centric life with Lake is from my professional life. My days and nights blend together and time slows to a stop up close to my son. Meanwhile time on the outside is whirring so fast. This marks the first month of my six month planned maternity leave. It feels as though it hasn’t even begun yet, and already it is 1/6 through. 

Thank you for this precious day. I’m glad I spent it with you.