Today’s PEPS* group discussion centered around developmental milestones. I do prefer to focus on my own milestones and leave Lake to explore the environment in his own way, à la French model as elucidated by Pamela Druckerman in Bringing Up Bébé. Today Lake was enjoying the discovery of the curtain billowing in the breeze with the afternoon sun softly shining upon it. I doubt that is on a pediatric well child check, but it was a cherished moment to see him captivated for the first time in that way. 

Meanwhile Mummy met the milestone of hitting the yoga mat for a Vinyasa class at We Yoga Co! The other PEPS mummies inspired me to get out for a solo adventure and resume a much loved activity. I turned the cancellation of our Monday Night $6 Movie Date (with Orca card) at the Sundance Cinema by my husband working late to an opportunity for me to get out since I’d already arranged Lake-care. The Lobster can wait. Infinite gratitude toward my neighbor Reba for her open invitation of generously offering to spot Lake so I am able To step out. This is my first yoga class in a month, first class post-natal. It’s time to reyogify! Summer is here and the beach beckons. 

It is so interesting to see which poses I am able to flow into more comfortably and which are more challenging. It wasn’t what I expected. Eagle. Sleeping eagle. Airplane. Plank. Side plank. Warrior I. Warrior II. Side angle. Triangle. Downward Dog. Half pigeon. These turned out to all be old friends that I slipped into with a surprising ease. Forward bend. Happy baby. Upward dog. Cow. Child’s pose. These I was forced to approach gingerly and show a healthy respect towards. It seems the labor of pushing really strained my low back and hip ligaments. 

Nonetheless it seems it’s better for me to just get back on the mat. Keep up my conditioning so that I’m strong of mind and body, a positive role model for my son. Be fully present and free of anxiety for the unexpected and precious moments when Lake meets his own milestones. Better to yoga than not to yoga. The hour flew by. 
*Program for Early Parental Support