Feeder Grower

Lake is essentially a feeder grower right now. Feeder grower is a term I picked up as a pharmacist intern on the neonatal intensive care unit meaning no pathologies, just time needed to get bigger. There tiny babies were working on finishing development and getting up to adequate size for discharge. Here Lake’s working his way through the fourth trimester. He’s a good sleeper, that helps. He’s learned from the best!

He’s also a bit like Mr. Cat in that he likes a clean litter box, so to speak. Even if he’s just gone Mr. Cat will find a way to go again right after the box is cleaned. Similarly for Lake, after a change seems like the best time to go. And unfortunately Lake doesn’t see a connection yet between changing and a clean nappy, so he’s not a happy camper during nappy change. 
All this eating and sleeping and eating is paying dividends though. We visited our midwife today for a checkup and he’s up a pound since his last check up two weeks ago! That makes for a heavier load but a proud mummy!