Autobody Like it Never Happened 

I dropped my car off this morning to have the Fender Bender repaired. After all that initial delay and dodginess Bender finally divulged his mother’s insurance information and we were able to proceed as usual and customary with filing the claim; all above board. I can pick it up Friday. We’re car-free until then! It’s all bus and hike-it baby!

I contemplated leaving Lake in his basket while I went to drop the car off. How long would I be gone? 20 minutes? It seemed in a certain sense that it would be safer and more comfortable for Lake to stay home and relax. But he is just a month old, and something was telling me no one would support that decision. Luckily for everyone involved Lake was super not asleep, so he got to come along and scream to me from his infant car seat for a few blocks up to the Autobody shop. Then he got to be bundled into the wrap carrier and have a snack. Instantaneous calming. So we took the opportunity to have a lunch for mummy too while we were dressed and out.

Good morning !

They greeted us at Chaco Canyon. I then realized it was only 10:30am. I went ahead and ordered the community bowl for (first?) lunch anyways. The community bowl is a nutrient dense vegan sliding scale ($2-9) meal option. I figure since I’m essentially on unpaid leave for half a year I qualify for a price reduction. I paid $7 cash including tax and tip. I’m trying out how it feels to accept help of all types in the raising of this baby in a not-too-family-centered society. The community bowl is a really nice gesture and offering. Thank you Chaco Canyon community! Yum! Mummy fuel!

To continue the subject of automobile administration and price reductions, yesterday I received response from the judge regarding my 72 hour violation parking ticket. Upon review of my written testimony, the judge found me guilty as charged of the infraction, since I freely admitted to parking on the street without moving my car for more than two weeks whilst occupied with Lake’s birth. But she reduced the fee from $44 to $14. Frankly I think the city had little to lose by fully exonerating me from fines. Congratulations for birthing us a new Seattle citizen. That will be $14 please. And aren’t they benefitting from having one less car on the roads and freeway? Hmm, Seattle’s rules of the road may need modernization along with the city’s urbanization.