Bikini Body

Today at our PEPS meeting we talked about post-baby fitness and body image. How to rehabilitate, love and accept our bodies after the pelvis has been exploded and is resettling itself, among other things. If and how to get our bodies back. Our bikini bodies. 

The thing about a bikini body is it can be feared and perceived as elusive, perhaps even unattainable. And it can be as available and as simple as taking your body as it is and putting a bikini on it. Begin there. I love that it’s August first today and in many parts of Europe such as in France and Italy, August is spent on holiday at the beach. Layers off; bikinis on. Then spend four active relaxing weeks sunning swimming walking talking eating resting. Every day. Every year. Every phase of life. Enjoying the body we are in. It’s both a profound act of acceptance as well as a motivating force to have a bikini body. 

Hello August holidays!

Then in addition to a healthy lifestyle it also doesn’t hurt to do some focused core work either. Right now I’m working on a daily practice of three repetitions of 2 minute planks. Something that I can actually accomplish during a few free minutes. Lake and I get to share some tummy time!