(Un)happy Baby

The three of us went up to yoga this morning for a postnatal “mom and baby” type class. That’s a trick. We looked really cute, all matching with light blue shirts and black yoga pants. Michael dropped us off and went to the neighboring catopia café while we commenced to lubricate our aching joints. “Motion is lotion” Darshana, my rockstar physical therapist said at our last appointment. 

Lake was content for about 85% of the class. That left 15% discontent. The 15% loomed large though, especially considering it came near the end. By the end I was breastfeeding him in Shivasana. 

These days he’s still sleeping through the night eight hours, which I’m incredibly thankful for. Then he has a near constant appetite while he’s awake. And he’s appreciative of attention and play. None of these attributes are particularly conducive to synchronized mom-baby yoga. It seems to work better if I go to adult yoga class after he’s had a good meal and I can leave him to have some quality daddy downtime. He really doesn’t need a class to get his yoga on. He’s a relaxation expert, stretching constantly, holds no grudges, very flexible. He’s a born yogi. 

Captain Happy

Lake sure had fun sharing the Woodland Park Zoo with his old friend Clarence today! His favorite part was lunch where he got to break out of the Baby Björn and bust a move! He’s getting so smiley and engaging! 

The animals were impressively active too, given our midday visit and the heat. Reticulated giraffes. Wolf Pack. Brother Bears. Komodo dragon lizards. Hippos. 

The hippos were keeping it real. Reminding us the breathe and chill. And cuddle. 

The big felines were all caught mid-siesta: sleeping jaguar, lion, three tigers and a snow leopard.  At the end we watched Yola be hearded off by her mum. Succinctly prodded patted and nudged off stage left. No question about her maternal confidence! All in all a great zoo day!

Afterwards Lake and I met Daddy for a movie date. We checked out another philosophy of parenting style and watched Captain Fantastic at the Guild 45th. There we got to check out the sound proofing in the baby room. 

(Tolle asked that I finish the entry today. So… after a long leisurely zoo stroll, she accomplished movie-out baby management at the theatre, then nigh passed out after dinner with BBC Olympics on the projector telly. 6 miles on her phone counter, a low day — yesterday it counted 11. Tolle loves the zoo, long walks, movies, dinners, and watching volleyball. And Lake. So, a perfect day then. -ed)