Cold Brew

Good Morning Sunshine! Did you make me a nice coffee?

Like many discoveries, I hadn’t put a lot of thought into the different aspects beforehand. As it turns out, having a baby changes your life. Ha! Well, I had that basic principle down, but the myriad ways in which it specifically manifests itself is not completely self-evident ahead of time. Surprising challenges arise in the logistical navigation through the world. Like how hard it is to eat an orange with one hand, because that’s usually all that’s left after holding a baby to your breast. And especially the first few months he’s always eating. Practically every waking hour. Apricots, berries and even apples are my preferred breastfeeding friendly fruits.  Sheath dresses, which were so elegant during pregnancy, are totally useless when trying to breastfeed. My denim jumper suddenly became a nightmare when trying to use the toilet before getting off the ferry while wearing Lake. We were all tangled up and trapped and the security guards were trying to clear off the last of the passengers (us). Shirt dresses are the answer. 

With respect to these various tactical developments, cold brew rises up as a coffee champion. Cold brew is a water extraction process where freshly ground beans are steeped in cold water at room temperature for an extended period of time (like left on the windowsill overnight, or from one morning to the next). Not only does it taste so sweet and smooth with less acid extracted, but it is extremely baby friendly!

Cold brewed coffee can be made ahead of time. When it’s convenient for you and baby. It can be made in large batches and keeps well in the refrigerator. It’s refreshing! It doesn’t get cold if baby requires attending to and suddenly takes precedence over coffee. It’s already cold. It doesn’t present a danger to baby. It’s not hot and doesn’t involve any boiling liquid at any point. It’s already all ready to go when you are having a coffee emergency. There’s no need to endure baby wailing away while grinding, brewing, and pressing coffee. No suffering through a fog or a headache because you haven’t had a chance to get your coffee yet. It’s safe, yummy and there for you! Enjoy!

Simply let ground beans sit in water overnight (I use a coffee sock). Rinse and repeat!