Future Olympiad

If rolling becomes an Olympic sport, Lake is all practiced up! He has showed an early aptitude as world class roller! Today during his work out (aka tummy time) he did three reps.

And just to keep his options open, we are maintaining his archery, fencing, volleyball, rowing and swimming training regimens as well. This entails a series of arm stretches and poses that he returns to throughout every day. “The Archer” is quite striking.

Daddy says: “Fight the powers that be!”

He is a very stalwart traveler. Bundled into his Baby Björn he endures mountain scrabbling and most of a lunch out. 

A wonderful spread by Cafe Turko. We reminisce about our wedding reception here last year.

This evening we watch some Rio 2016 Olympic Mens Volleyball on the big screen while assembling fresh spring rolls. Lake takes it all in. He flexes and practices some blocks. Wears himself out. Asleep by 9:30pm. We watch some Women’s tennis and soon follow. Yeah, baby, we will follow you all the way to the Olympics. You are our gold medalist!


Everything about Lake is so precious and engaging. His wiggles, his hiccoughing, his burgeoning smiles… Even his sneeze. 

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We love you Lake! We are blessed you are so healthy and strong. Your exuberance for life is contagious. Gesundheit!