Wisdom from Grandpa

There are a number of life lessons I’ve learned from my Dad, your Grandpa Duane Murphy, Lake. It seems like a good format to honor some of them here. The funniest part, is whenever I say,

You taught me that Dad!

He always looks at me with surprise,

Did I?

Yup! Here are ten life lessons from Duane:

  1. Always pay off your credit card on time and in full every month.  
  2. Start as young as possible saving for retirement. It’s hard to play catchup with lost time in the stock market. 
  3. The number one cause of roadside failure is running out of gas. That’s entirely preventable. Your choice. 
  4. Drive with a full three second following distance and an eye on the car in front of the car in front of you. Watch for their brakes lights. That’s who you’re following. 
  5. Getting started on a project is getting you half way through. 
  6. It’s amazing what large projects you can accomplish by chipping away at it one step at a time; a little attention every day.
  7. Personal hygiene and personal fitness: be mindful every day. If you’re hungry between meals, have a piece of fruit.
  8. An education is a prized accomplishment.  It makes you a better person. Do your homework every day and study hard. 
  9. Life is short and your time is precious. Maximize your earning potential. 
  10. Write and send letters with stamps. Everyone loves getting personal mail. 
  11. Having children is the best thing in life. 
Grilling Willapa Bay oysters over the fire.