Lindsin’ Around 

My husband coined this verb lindsin which is what Lake and I do on Tuesdays in the late afternoon/early evening. To be lindsin is to be hanging out with Lindsay and likely laughing a great deal. To be lindsin around is to maybe walk Greenlake or Gasworks and then get revived at TNT or Tigerly Ox. Or today our lindsin had us strolling the zoo and then got us big (well, technically medium size) bowls of pho afterwards. 

Lindsay is my college roommate from freshman dorms. She was there with me through blue hair and ethnobotany. We listened to Sarah McLachlin and dressed up alike to go get dinner at the dorm dining hall. Now she’s Auntie Lindsay and we’re all coordinating with Baby Lake. 

We’ve been walking Tursdays together since before I was pregnant, and we walked weekly all winter through my pregnancy with Lake. The weather got darker and rainier and I got slower and slower. Then the weather got brighter and springier, and I still got slower and slower. Then a few weeks after Lake was born we resumed our Lindsin around. We didn’t go far at first. Lindsay is so great, happy to go whatever pace. Rain or shine, Tuesday we continue to get our lindsin on and we are the better for it. 

[Artwork courtesy of the app Prisma]