We are back in Seattle and there are plenty of settling in chores to do… cleaning, laundry, and chores. Who am I kidding, mostly I fret about all the cleaning chores that do need doing while I’m playing with, changing or feeding Lake.  We decided to take a pause in the middle of it all and recharge with yoga. 

We phoned first to make sure it would be okay (I’m learning) and then walked over to Aditi Yoga & Bodywork for the Friday noon class. Jenny Rhodes, the delightful instructor, was kind to include Lake as a special guest for her vinyasa class today. Look at the littlest yogi!

Chore day was blessed with the good fortune of my helper angels. Firstly Jenny, who sweetly held Lake for the substantial part of the flow class, to very good effect, leaving me just the mat portion of the class to breastfeed Lake while participating. Secondly Nana who made the laundry happen while intermittently popping in for Lake care and building him a new bed for his room!

Lover’s Lane

Passing by Lake Crescent in the morning on our way out to the Sol Duc. This is one gorgeous river valley. We went for one last hiking trip during Lake’s sojourn of the north Olympic Peninsula. I couldn’t get enough really. And Lake loved it, too. His first prize blueberry eyes wide with wonderment, taking it all in. The gentle sounds of the river, the zillion shades of green, the towering giant conifers, the rush of the waterfall, and the stillness. 

We hiked six miles from the Sol Duc Resort to the Sol Duc Falls and back. Guess what the trail is called? Lover’s Lane. Here I am happy on Lover’s Lane with the little man of my life. 

Taking in the views from the falls with Nana. 

And to cap off our Olympic holidays with Nana and the Tuesday Trotters we had an amazing alpenglow amphitheater this evening. We rode the ferry back to Seattle under the rising plump moon and sunsets on mountains in every direction that just wouldn’t quit. Thank you for the amazing week of rich sensory experiences Nana! It was special to share our love of the Olympics together with Lake. He was duly impressed.