Lake has started putting himself to sleep. Around 8 o’clock he gets tired, he might even rub his eyes. He’s happy to get into bed and fall asleep soon after. This is new and pretty fun!

Since we drove across the state today from Seattle to Newman Lake on the border of Idaho, Mummy is quite ready for bed too! The rain is falling on the roof of the cabin outside in a very welcoming and soothing manner: beckoning for bedtime. We all heed the call! But not before gazing adoringly at Lake… So cute sleeping in his new box bed! 

Nana built him a temporary Lake bed for our fall stay at Point Petite.

He might be grown out of it by the time we leave!

We are so happy to be back here at the Point Petite cabin for a few weeks with Nana and Grandpa! Hello, Newman Lake! Goodnight Lake!

Doubling Time

Lake and I had a great urban wander today. Beautiful day! Apple pie. Ten plus miles. We were celebrating his fourth month complete. He’s officially doubled his birth weight. Living well by all accounts.

And 26″ long, and such a happy fellow!
This calls for pie! Wayward Cafe gluten free vegan deep dish apple pie
Beautiful Greenlake
MMU still going strong!
Just for the record, my little big fish is four months old today.
A perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you. 

Mt. Rainier Part IV

We packed up efficiently and set out for another day hike. After one last loll in front of the grand fireplace which provided Lake the opportunity to make friends with Leila from Beijing, we headed out to the Longmire area trails. Michael chose a 4.6 mile loop along Rampart Ridge which included a section of the Wonderland Trail. It really is a wonderland, with mosses thickly carpeting the forest floor and lichens draped all through the trees. Lake was in contented awe interrupted with bouts of sheer glee! We are already looking forward to coming back again next year. 

Happy First Anniversary, us! We love our life together. So happy to be three! We feel truly blessed.