Looking for Lookouts

Lake is an intrepid hiker and explorer. He has just bagged his inaugural two fire lookouts. We’ve practically joined the ranks of avid Lookout seekers. 

Next generation hiker

“Lookouts” are basically what they sound like, a promontory from which someone could be stationed to keep an eye out for smoke in the hills. Smoke would be the earliest indication of forest fire and in National Forest lands the goal was to fight the fires and preserve the timber for sale. Now the policies tend to favor “let it burn” and the forests are now monitored via satellite. This leaves a legacy of abandoned Fire Lookout sites. Some are maintained and open to the public for recreation, and all that’s left of others may be a metal footing or marker. It can be fun to camp overnight in a maintaintained lookout or to find some of the lesser visited sites and hunt around for artifacts. Either way, you’re pretty much guaranteed a grand territorial view. 

Lakes first historical fire lookout site was yesterday on Striped Peak near Salt Creek. It is located at the top of a pretty hike up the hillside overlooking the Straight of Juan de Fuca through magestic second growth. 

Striped Peak USGS lookout marker
Enjoying the view with Nana

We refreshed briefly in the Straight at Salt Creek Recreation Area before setting out again. It really doesn’t take much as the water is brisk! So magnificent and lots of fun. Daddy says we look like we are dancing with the ocean. 

Dancing with the ocean at Salt Creek Recreation Area

The next lookout was one of the Lost Lookouts our new friend Leslie Romer is researching for her book on the subject. It is somewhat elusively located on one of the beautiful ridges above Lake Dawn. We had some vague instructions and set out on reconnaissance as our second hike of the day!

Leslie led us to the site fairly expertly and we were rewarded by this gorgeous late afternoon view. 

Lost fire lookout found!

Lake is looking forward to checking out your book, Leslie. In the meantime we are always game to aid you on any necessary research missions. We’re acquiring quite an unquenchable appetite for adventure!

Our friend, author and modern day explorer, Leslie Romer