On Tinys

I recently read a treatment of the Tiny House movement by fellow blogger Mama Zed’s Homestead. It’s true, I’ve been a devotee of small for many years. There are a ton of advantages to the smaller homes… up to a point! I am currently in the process of refining my personal ethos on this. I’m thinking that for us, that point is on a continuum relative to the number of household members. 

I have been very happy for nine years in my one bedroom 550 ft2 urban condo… high ceilings, a view, lots of character, efficient to clean. Upon getting married even my husband and I are happy living here together for more than a year. Now, however, we have our five month old sleeping in his custom loft crib in the walk-in hall closet and there is no room for relatives to stay over.  For us, this has become our breakaway point. Throw in an au pair and some visiting friends or relatives and our new Tiny is 550 ft2 per family member. And a fenced backyard for the felines!

The new Tiny allows for room at the Inn: 2,650 ft2 of domestic bliss!

We will miss our great neighbors though! Nine years of living across the hall… we have sure been through a lot together.

Laura brings over soy ice cream sundae for afternoon tea

We visited our soon-to-be new home today to take some measurements and to spend some more time getting acquainted. It feels good to be there. Mary Durkan, our real estate agent, met us there; she is so awesome! She recounted her recent adventure coming back from Palm Springs with a humorous anecdote. It’s especially relevant given that today is Dia de los Muertos. She was bringing her mother’s ashes back home with her on the airplane and since the flight wasn’t very full, her mother got her own seat. Mary magnanimously gave her mother the window seat. Her mother always coveted that one, but couldn’t enjoy it on account of her bladder and requiring the aisle seat. What a gem you are Mary. And thank you for finding us our house!

Incidentally, we’ve been getting some record rains and the basement is happily still bone dry! Bye for now happy house! See you soon… keys in two weeks!

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