Menacing onlookers attempting to sway our vote

Happy November 1st friends! One of us got our new day and new month off to a “rabbit rabbit” start. Especially since the other one of us got up at 4am and had a chance over the course of an hour breastfeeding to slowly remember and tip the still-asleep one off. So this month I’m thinking the luck runs in the team approach. We are luckier together!

Well, and the big news is: we voted today! I liked President Barak Obama’s early voting call to action (available on You Tube). And this year we really appreciated the extra time, and the leisure of living room ballots, mail-in/drop-off, early voting. Voting was a big commitment this November. It practically took us a full day on Sunday, and that was after I’d been chipping away at it all week in between Lake activities. It was a lot of work to get to the point of feeling like I was able to make an informed decision: reading the voters’ pamphlet, discussing, and trying to sift through the complex initiatives and numerous strong candidates. Whew! We did it.

Gettin’ er done!

Now we pray for the success of our First Lady President and Prop 1: ST3 lightning fast light rail! 

Hibernating until the results are in… wake me up if you have good news!

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