Magic Moment 

Lake’s first word was Dada, meaning Michael. And his second word was “ticky” for kitty cat. This evening he even pronounced it clearly and said “cat”. Plain as day and several times. We were out walking around Greenlake with Lindsay after work… Lindsin around, and came across the fattest cat I ever have seen. Blimp cat. It was a bit mangy and the short white fur was dirty. But beautiful… one eye was yellow and one eye blue. Even for being tragically overfed, it acted starved for affection trotting after us on the sidewalk and rubbing up against my leg. Lake pointed and waved, 


He exclaimed. 


He’s so much fun! Such a great natured sweetheart! 

Later when we got home to our own cats and mangos and “Dada”, our song came onto the radio station. This Magic Moment, and we were dumbstruck. Michael and I just caught up in the song, feeling the feelings of gratitude and amazement! A perfect day, Lake, *you exist* and I’m glad I spent it with you!

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