Looking up

It’s coming up on one year with my son in the world. A time of great reflection. All in all things are looking up. I love being a mother. There are definitely challenges and triumphs. When I get bogged down, I shift the focus and think:

Sometimes you gotta turn things upside down for a new perspective. 

I put my feet up, look at the sky, feel the earth under my back. Give Lake an embrace. Engage in some funny game like peek a boo, gobble Lake’s neck, or play rushing “up and down” to elicit the giggles. Lake has the best giggles! And then things really start looking up!

For me, perspective is huge. It helps me to remember how dearly I yearned to be a mother for so many years. I consistently arrive back at the same point: that I’m fulfilling a longtime dream. And what a good dream. Some kid! We’re blessed to have such a beautiful being joining us for the journey. 

I love you Lake! Things are looking up! And it helps to have a great crew. 

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