Lindsin Along

Tuesday evenings, through all kinds of weather, Lake and I, we go Lindsin. Lindsin with the Lindser… and we have so much fun! This spring we established a new routine. We meet at the UW Tower courtyard fountain when I get off work to make the most of our daylight. Jo meets us there to drop off Lake, all outfitted for adventure. Dry double nappy, a single spare, and windbreaker or sunscreen as appropriate. Lindsay works super early so sometimes she even gets her hair done before meeting us at 5. 

So we meet up, play a little,

then we go adventuring. Yea! Lake loves it too!

We have a set start time, but we keep our Lindsin itinerary open. So we can enjoy the spontaneity. We are very agreeable and like-minded so it has always worked out beautifully. Gasworks is a standby.

 If it’s nice weather and on these long days we also favor Greenlake Park.

The whole family loves the Lindser

And sometimes, not too often, we meet on a different day. Like this week, we met for a day hike on Saturday and went with the whole family out Lindsin. We Lindsed out past Gold Bar and right up under Mt. Index. We Lindsed all the way to Lake Serene and jumped in for a swim!

Lindsin along the trail!

Trail snacks for everyone!

We made it to Lunch Rock! Time for a swim!

The Lindsers post-swim at Lake Serene

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