Snow, Lake! Snow Lake

I have two favorite go-to hikes from Seattle: Snow Lake and Lake Serene. This week we took Lake to both of them. Here’s some pictures from our hike to Snow Lake with Jo. 

Now, dear reader friends, we will need some recommendations! What would your favorite hike be to take a 13 month old, 20 pounder? Please let us know in the comments: where would you like to see us go next?

Having a blast on the trail!

Beautiful views and fresh air
A snow arch over the trail!

Snow, Lake!

We made it to Alpine Lakes Wilderness, just!

Snow Lake ridge summit

View of Snow Lake, all snowy!

By the afternoon, the water was really rushing over the trail. Lake forded the creek. 

Lake Loves to eat some fresh dirt!
Happy Hiker post-hike!

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