When you lend your keen fashion sense to your baby’s style you’re running the risk of twinning. 

Twinning: transitive verb. bringing two related entities together in close association to form a pair. Read: matching or coordinating outfits [with your baby] to visually demonstrate connection and togetherness. 

Maybe it’s intentional, but sometimes it occurs even when it’s unplanned! What determines what you wear on any given day? The season, the weather, the day of the week, what’s clean(?!), the current trends, the occasion? A bit of all of that and then a bit of je n’sais quoi. If you’re the one buying the wardrobe for, and dressing your baby, as well as yourself, there are similar forces driving the manifestation of both your outfits. Be warned of the strong possibility of ending up twinning, or coordinating, on any given day. Beware of spreading cheer and goodwill as folks slowly notice and take delight in the effect. 

Lake and I, we love twinning!

Inspired by the Quintessential Autumn Day, joyfully twinning with Lake at Seattle’s Greenlake Park, this evening’s sunset

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