Born Identity 

After receiving a couple of enthusiastic compliments lately towards Lake’s style, a friend encouraged me to write a baby fashion blog. So, here it is… enjoy!

As Lake transitions from to baby to waddler to toddler, he influences my sense of self just as I influence his. Underneath and within the nature/nurture layers there lies Lake’s essence. Fashion is about having fun and looking stylish with intention. Style is about (intentionally or unintentionally) honing a look and being true to your inner self. As Lake’s Mummy, my role is to honor and develop his style and keep him clean, well nourished, and fashionable. 

It is my philosophy that a well-dressed baby builds confidence early and teaches a second-natured look good, feel good sensibility. Thereby Lake’s fashionable style aids in laying the foundation of his social and emotional intelligence. He is a harbinger of joy and an delightful embassator for humanity. His smile is infectious when folks see a well-dressed joyful friendly baby!

Are you interested in refining your baby’s style?Are you ready to expand your fashion sense to include your little one’s? Do you want to dress your little prince on a pauper’s budget?

Begin by investing in some quality basics, and aim to paint a picture with the whole of your baby. Think of your own favorite staples and then modify them to fit your baby’s unique personality. For example, like Lake, he might be the one to rock a nice pair of black or navy shoes, some tapered jeans, chinos, and cardigan sweaters. 

Contrary to popular belief, dressing a baby stylishly does not have to be expensive. In my experience baby’s don’t need a lot of pairs of things. Lake is on his second pair of Robeez soft leather shoes. But I think that’s all he really has needed. One 6-12 month pair and one 12-18 month pair. They ground his look and have been foundational to his style (healthy, comfortable and classic). No socks needed, they support his baby foot development, and they stay on his feet 100% of the time. What more could you ask for in your baby’s footwear? Indeed, we are desperately ready for the next size! The latest navy leather moccasins in a slight variation on his footwear theme from Robeez in 18-24 months just in! 

So sometimes the look will be achieved by finding a staple and repeating it in graduating sizes, and sometimes the same article of clothing will contain that flexibility. Clothes he wore at 3 months all cuffed he now wears at 15 months as crop length. For example the favorite green pants and cotton/wool cable knit shown here (H&M thrift-sourced, Petit Bateau online sale splurge).

3 months
15 months

Just as is often strong fashion advice for you, so it is with your child: build the wardrobe on a mix of high and low priced items, a mix of new and thrift store items. Frequenting the second-hand children’s clothing boutiques or even the Goodwill or Value Village type places in a wealthy city like Seattle will generally turn up a gem or two. If you find a smartly priced staple while thrifting or shopping a sale, regardless of the size, nab it! One thing is for certain: your baby will continue to grow (for the next 15-20 years or so)! So buying a toddler shirt while your baby is still a waddler is actually a smart move. Who knows? You might be having quite a week the moment your child no longer fits in his current favorite shirt. It’s rarely a convenient time to find the next perfect wardrobe staple at a moments notice. This way you’ll have a selection of items available for your baby’s growing body.

When you have your staples organized, you can arrive at that squirming chaotic baby-dressing moment, baby-proofed. Unflappable. 

To further deconstruct, I have twelve ground rules. These help to define the secrets to my success. Feel empowered to stylishly and effortlessly dress our precious little persons. 

  1. Put nothing in writing. Meaning a child’s clothes are not an opportunity to make a word statement or a joke. I have a firm no text on the clothes polity. Keep the details to  color, patterns, textures, contrast stitching, gathers, pleats or ruffles. 
  2. Nothing babyish or gimmicky. Honor your baby’s dignity. They are a person not a thing or an advertisement. No pictures, cartoon characters, cursor animals or little neckties. 
  3. Deconstruction as needed. Initial Deconstruction Here.Invest in a seam ripper and remove appliqués, branding and text assiduously. 
  4. Stick to classic patterns: stripes, dots, checks, plaid. 
  5. Have fun with color, within reason. Have a boy? No reason he can’t wear pink as long as it’s a complimentary shade. 
  6. Your baby’s complexion will be complimented best by a particular color palate, usually a combination of his parents’ colors. So keep an eye on this when buying his clothes. A red shirt can be a great basic statement piece, but which color hue: orangish red or blueish-red? Honor your child and purchase only his correct shades to keep him looking good!
  7. Stick to natural fibers: cotton, wool. Not only will these materials hold you in good stead, but your baby will also feel more comfortable and free. Definition of style, supporting your self- expression. 
  8. If you’re going to use onesies stick with the plain white ones, and keep them snapped and worn under the clothes like the undergarment that they are intended to be. 
  9. It’s okay to play into a theme. Going to the farmers market? Dress him in overalls and make everyone’s day!
  10. Watch French films to gain inspiration for dressing yourself and your baby. 
  11. Once you’ve refined your baby’s personal style, feel comfortable repeating it over the months and years to come. My neighbor noted, when I passed along some of Lake’s gently used wardrobe :

Did you know you have the exact same denim jumpsuit in three different sizes?

Yes, that is intentional. And I have one too! We found an article of clothing that worked well. No reason not to buy in multiples. In the case of babies the multiples are in consecutively increasing sizes. Go for it!

Finally, remember, you’re baby is the focal point, not the catchy phrase on his onsie. Spread comfort and joy through fashionable style that honors your little ones born identity. And have fun! Your baby is!

Happy and having fun!
Thank you for reading!

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  • Hanna Andersson 
  • Anything French: Petit Bauteau, Jacadi Paris, little Lem, Cyrelle Paris
  • H & M, Osh Kosh
  • Robeez
  • Ralph Lauren European Collection
  • Anything plain or organic cotton from thrift stores!

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