Birthday Blessings

I am feeling so extremely blessed to share this particular birthday with my family, such as it is. It’s not a guarantee to be able to be happily pregnant at 42 and to be able to share that happiness with my toddler parents and family. Our German au pair Vivien came with us to Nanababa’s and we had a wonderfully relaxing weekend of birthday celebration.

My annual pilgrimage to the place of my birth, Westport, however was met with 96 km/hour winds, hail and humongous waves crashing over the breakwater. Needless to say, those conditions made for a brief visit to the beach, but, oh, so, exhilarating! There’s nothing like so much fresh air and direct contact with the elements to affirm being alive! Happy Birthday, Mama!

And then to wrap it up with a gorgeous sweet treat: such a beautiful cake baked with love by Nana. Our friend Shirley joined us for the party and brought her usual fun and festive attitude! A perfect (birth)day, I’m so glad I spent it with you all!

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