John Reindeer

Lake: Can I hug baby Sister?

Mama: Yes, first let me put these sharp objects away (seam ripper and scissors). Okay there we go.

We’re all excitedly anticipating Baby Sister’s arrival. There’s so much delight in preparing the wardrobe for our new Dear. I’m a proponent of dressing children with dignity. So I have the seam ripper and the scissors handy with no qualms to remove writing and kitch and other extraneous flair. That’s right, Lake! The deconstruction has resumed.

Lake: You’re going to love these boots baby Sister! They don’t need to say John Reindeer!

The results here:

A nice classic boot! Featuring the gorgeous weaving in bamboo of Nana’s cousin Susan Thomson! Baby Sister, you are truly loved!

Vivien asked if she could alternate days with me for dressing her. I think she was wondering if she’d get a chance! Nana’s showing her excitement too… she’s been buying so many new clothes. So much pink!

I had fun making these outfits! No need to worry Baby Sister, you’ll be able to go seamlessly from birthday suit to adorable elegant outfits. A perfect day. I’m so glad I spent it with you, Lake and Baby Sister!

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