Lake and Leak

“Lake and leak, leak and Lake, we’re a team. He’s clearly Lake and in his presence I’ve become leak. Periodically my breasts leak when he wakes up hungry and lets us know, and when he latches on to one breast, the other will leak in symphonic harmony. It trickles down like a rivulet. And even my eyes, they leak occasionally and unannounced too.”

“You know that you’re all in for breastfeeding when you contemplate the possible benefits of using leaked breast milk on your face as a facial serum, for skin tightening and creating a fresh faced dewey glow look.”

Cosmetics gold mine?

“Today we beat the heat by celebrating Lake’s one week birthday with his grandmother Julie,  his Nana, and his new friend Lena Meyer. We sat around with chilled grapefruit sparkling water and eating oranges. There was reminiscing about hot summers in Spain and Italy, of enjoying all the plazas and fountains. Daddy led us in the Swedish version of happy birthday (ed- Glad födelsedagen. It’s very peppy). We went outside to catch the breeze. My first outdoor excursion since walking across the street after arriving home from the hospital.”

A hot succulent!

“Umbilical update: it’s looking good! As of today he know longer has his stump and he looks like a real little boy. The stump met an unfortunate fate involving sterilized scissors and two medically minded parents in an incident of kitchen surgery.”

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