Plumbing Problems 

Our Little Prince

My husband and I are both really committed to being Eco-friendly, living on a small carbon footprint, and therefore using non-disposable baby gear as much as possible. Furthermore, essentially to use as little baby gear as possible. So, regarding diapering we set up a good system: merino wool diaper covers x 3, diaper service, organic cotton/wool “diaper wipes” and a spray nozzle on both the sink and the toilet. This set up does require a certain amount of washing in spite of the diaper service not requiring pre-washing. There’s still the baby, baby bottom, wool diaper covers to various degrees, and the diaper wipes. Given laundry is in the basement and I’m not yet cleared for stairs, we were doing a significant amount of hand washing in the kitchen sink. That’s right, the kitchen counter quickly became the de facto changing station. 

Thus, enter Plumbing Problems: whereby suddenly both our sinks, the kitchen and bathroom sinks, stopped draining. And of course, it’s the weekend. It seems the meconium tailings and frequent olive oil soap residue maxed out our 1926 plumbing. With both sinks out of commission and a 6 day old neonate, it began to feel like my world was spiraling out of control. I must stop to do a gratitude check.

* we have running water

* we have hot water

* our toilet works

* we have a working bathtub and shower with a drain that’s draining great

* we have a happy baby

* he’s eating, pooping, and peeing

* he hasn’t been dropped, crushed, squished, or eaten by cats

* our cats are alive and non-plussed

* we haven’t been burglarized

* no one has been injured or died

Okay, deep breath. We can get through this, Tolle-mummy, the meconium days are numbered. 

One broken plunger, some patience, the loan of neighbor Laura’s key for washing dishes, and one miracle-worker Nana later, the drains are once more free-flowing. Peace is restored in the kingdom of our little prince. And, now the meconium days are thankfully behind us.

4 thoughts on “Plumbing Problems 

  1. Ah, yes . . . Nana can fix most anything. A most resourceful woman. And good work on your part to not go into a tail-spin. I must remember the gratitude check . . . .

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    1. Thank you Mama Z. We do a lot less hand washing now. Gratitude for sphincter control at six weeks which brought us down to usually just one, maybe two, bowel movements a day. And figuring out to use the diaper service nappies for any amount of significant cleanup too. “Work smarter not harder!”

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      1. I remember the days when he moved from almost every nappy to one or two a day. We actually freaked out about constipation and didn’t appreciate the gift of less poo filled explosions we had been given haha. The joys of first time parenthood! Working smarter not harder is something to definitely remember!

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