Cat Guardians 

Lake is a charming fellow and as easily follows: a lucky guy. He is being well attended to around the clock by me, his daddy, his Nana, various new friends in the form of visitors and family dropping in to say hello, and… his two cat brothers: 

Mr. Cat, the gentle giant with the insatiable appetite, and

Mr. Silky, the friendly lap-seeker with the erratic jumping habits.

We really weren’t sure how they would respond to their new little brother. Would Mr. Cat try to devour him? Would Mr. Silky aggressively cuddle or playfully pounce on him?  Turns out they welcomed him home graciously. Mr. Cat gave him a couple preliminary investigative sniffs, then kept his distance. Mr. Silky lurked watchfully, curious and cautious. They both respectfully left his areas clear. The big leather armchair with the cashmere blanket used to be a favorite feline napping location of both kitters, but once it was established as a Lake resting nest, both kitters let it be. Similarly, while they both were known to be found napping in the Moses Basket prior to Lake’s arrival, now they steer clear. Mr. Cat felt the responsibility of the new cub perhaps, and began to take more pride in his appearance. He has begun focusing more energy on grooming his big beautiful marshmallow fur, rather than compulsively cruising for prospective foodstuffs or otherwise edible treats.

Now, a little more than a week has passed since we all arrived home, and the honeymoon period seems to be waning. Mr. Cat was the first to break the hallowed baby territory quarantine by plopping directly down on all the diapering supplies at the diapering station. Cozy! And Mr. Cat is creeping in closer to watch over him. 

Our worst fears, however, of jealous cats acting out or over exuberantly loving on Lake are laid to rest as they take on more of a guardianship role. The furbys and the baby are all getting along famously, and continuing to adapt nicely to each other. Soon I’m anticipating co-napping cuddles!

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