Out on the Town

My husband invited me out on a date today: to go outside, view the water and take in some sunshine. I was hesitant, it would be my first walk postpartum and I’m technically on bed red still until Monday. Ultimately my love for my husband and my confidence that he knows me better than myself sometimes won out, and we set out from the flat for an inaugural walk. The sun was shining, and it felt good on my aching back. 

The blocks were longer than I remembered. We stopped frequently to rest, to breathe in the fresh air. Michael joked that we were getting a maximum amount of fresh air per foot: a dense walk. I vividly recalled walking meditation at Spirit Rock in Marin County a decade ago when I was on a mindfulness retreat. I relished the simplicity of walking very slowly, aware of each footstep as it interfaced with the earth. We made it to the University Bridge at 40th and Eastlake. We walked out onto the bridge, intending to stand over the water. The bridge was vast. It has always been such a short bridge in my mind. I’m usually running across, nimbly. Maybe I’ve never walked across it before. Pretty view. Nice clouds. Sailboats, and kayaks, and boat boats going by. Friendly joggers. Let’s head back. That’s enough walk for today.

Lake was a champion. He’s not new to this; he’s been walking daily with Nana since he was two days old. 

After a light lunch and a nice nap, we felt re-energized, and we set out for Columbia City to Lake’s first real party! Boy, if you ever want to get a party started, set a two week old down in the center of the room.

We had come to wish our friend Sarah Rawlins (a friend I’d met at my new employee orientation at Harborview Medical Center two years ago) a good send off for her nine months in South Sudan. She will be doing mission work as a training nurse in a large field hospital there. She’s a courageous woman with a heart of gold. There were flat Sarah dolls as party favors, so expect to see Sarah joining us on a few adventures around town, and maybe some hikes. I suspect in the next nine months, both of us will need a friend in our back pocket from time to time. We are here for you, too! Bon voyage et bonne chance Sarah.

Good night friends!

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