My husband gave me the sweetest gift as a “push prize”. Besides Lake! A mummy gift for Lake’s birthday, and no, it wasn’t another Tiffany ring and no, we’re not allowed to have sex for six weeks postpartum. 

He gifted me this blog. 

The blog was my husband’s idea. He thought it up, named it and set up this blog site for me to record my thoughts and experiences of being a  first time new mother. After several decades of university and professional adulthood, I think he was right to intuit I might benefit from having an intellectual project to focus on ever day. He points out it is not only a way for me to share, but also for posterity. He knows I’m not likely to be a scrapbooker, but that I love to write. He knows me pretty well; I’m constantly surprised. 

He began recording my thoughts and publishing posts in the very first days after Lake was born, before I had the wherewithal to accomplish something of that nature myself. I was in a freshly postpartum fog, otherwise known as shock. Yes, I was in shock. Yet, the days pass quickly and the challenges of one day are quickly forgotten as they are supplanted by problems of the new day. It’s vital to get it down while the moment is fresh. You’ll have seen his scribed posts with my voice narrated in quotes early on. He generated the inertia and was patient while I developed the habit of writing and publishing myself. I have so much gratitude for his insight and technical acumen in creating this forum for us to share our story with you. I am enjoying it very much and I appreciate my followers and readers. It’s super fun to read your comments too. Thank you for your support and love. 

Here’s a little bedtime banter with my husband regarding our blog. Enjoy!

“I feel like I’m Sarah Jessiaca Parker or something, out living her life, writing her clever columns. Carrie Bradshaw!”

“Are you excited to be out and about, and have an old flame see you from behind, and then turn around and it be like when Carrie saw Aiden? You with Lake in the Baby Bjorn on as a front pack? That element of surprise… You’d love that!” He would. 

“Yeah, where’s Aiden now? We could use him to buy the apartment next door and knock down the adjoining wall! Double our space!”

“Please, some discretion!” He just keeps typing… “No really, stop!” He kept typing, recording everything in those early days. 

“You know you’re in deep when you wake up and find a [cloth] diaper on your pillow, that you’ve been sleeping on a diaper!” He loves my you know you’re in deep jokes…

Two guardian angels on the headboard offering oversight to Lake’s feeding. They make for super supportive and zen lactation consultants. I’m so blessed to have a good eater!

One thought on “Sexless in the City

  1. I know that “Aiden” moment! In fact it happened to me several times real life although me being me I just turned around and herded kids in a different direction.
    If you ever want to borrow the movies for a “Sex” marathon I think I still have them. (Perhaps when Michael’s out of town.)

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