Happy First Fathers’ Day, Sweetheart!

What a great dad! Who knew this is where we’d be today? Here we were: just a carefree couple of sweethearts at a holiday party December 2010.

Now you’re a diaper changing, baby whispering InstaPot chefing husband and father. A mighty fine one at that! We are so blessed. I love you! Let’s celebrate you!

When I asked what you wanted for Fathers’ Day, a trick I learned from you, you said, “Pie!” So we made a day of it; a nearly five mile day of it. We walked the Burke-Gilman to Fremont,

had brunch at Cafe Turko, our special occasion location (they make the best hummus),

and then explored the extensive Fremont Solstice weekend market (there was a dog parade!) as a digestive before pie.

At the festival the second person in two days asked me, “Is that a puppy in there?!” Referencing Lake in the Baby K’tan baby carrier wrap… pregnant pause. “Or a baby?” I show the little big feet. Oh… I think they both wanted it to be a puppy.

My husband and I did an impromptu sway dance together in the street while he sang along to Kodachrome by Paul Simon covered by Two Horse Too Many. It was beautiful.

Then he got a key lime hand pie. Bliss!

It was an epic day.

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