Heavyweight Champion 

It’s about time we had our chance at the basket.

Lake slept 9 hours straight through last night!

 I excitedly report to all who will listen (Michael) when I hear Lake in the morning. He  had just been sound asleep from 9:20pm to 6:20am. I, of course, had already woken up in a puddle of leaked breast milk and had been drowsily listening for signs of his wakefulness and hunger for a good 20 minutes already. But it had been completely silent. I had resisted the urge to go check on him to make sure he was still alive; I try to talk myself out of giving into my anxieties whenever possible.

That’s got to be some kind of record.

Michael exclaims, and goes back to sleep. Hmm, well he’s got lots of good role models around. 

Mr. Cat… loves to sleep. 

Mr. Silky… loves to sleep. 

Daddy… loves to sleep late. 

Mummy… loves to go to sleep early. 

Looks like Lake got the best sleep traits from all of us. I guess I didn’t need to overly concern myself with his sleep training. I lasted two days of sleep training at 8 weeks. He just was too hungry to stay back asleep. Even if he did cry himself back to sleep, he would wake back up rooting. I’ve heard 12 pounds is the magic number for sleeping contentedly for long stretches of the night. And according to my amateur bathroom scale weigh job, he’s 12 1/2 pounds this morning. Lake is our heavyweight champion among champions. He seems happy to have transitioned to doing his nights all on his own. He looked really proud of himself this morning. And so smiley!

Stay tuned, right?!

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