Beating the Heat 

With 91F on the radar for the next couple days, we are anxious to get out of the city.

It’s actually quite pleasant in our flat, all things considered, with the windows open, cross breeze maximized and industrial fan on lowest setting (at higher settings it starts traveling across the room). Without an accessible garden to escape to though, it’s a bit unfair to Lake. He was more than ready to eat and sleep the heat of the day away, but there wasn’t a lot of happy-baby playtime going on. So today we are going to become climate refugees.

We will be hiding out at the inlaws forested retreat on Bainbridge Island. We are going to take advantage of the ocean breeze and being on Puget Sound and say 


to the proffered hospitality of family. 

First we will enjoy the journey to get there. We are busing it to Ballard for lunch with our PEPS pals. We are checking out No Bones Beach Club which is apparently a vegan tiki bar specializing in no-fake-meat vegan nibbles. One word: delicious! The sauces are amazing!

Such nice surprise to run into a few old coworkers along the way, too. Hello friends! I am still working as well, just a different kind of job. Lake is my primary client. He runs a tight ship with some pretty mean hours. The benefits and quality of life are entirely worth it!

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